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Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges in Jackson County

One of the most problematic aspects of a domestic violence incident is that the police, by Oregon law, are required to make an arrest when called to respond to a domestic violence disturbance. If one person has injuries or is clearly in distress, an arrest of the accused must be made.

Even if the accusations are false or unfair, and even if the injured party does not want the accused to be arrested, the police will still arrest an accused individual immediately. If the police are investigating allegations of domestic violence in your home, you will need professional legal help from a Medford domestic violence lawyer.

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Domestic Violence in Oregon

Domestic violence allegations typically stem from extenuating legal matters. It is not uncommon for couples who are in the midst of a divorce to experience heated emotions. In a single moment, even the most patient, kind, or peaceful spouse can snap and act in a physical manner that is out of character. In other cases, spouses who wish to gain the upper hand in a child custody claim may falsify or greatly exaggerate claims of domestic abuse.

In any of these examples, domestic violence cases will always be emotionally charged. Prosecutors in Oregon will not take domestic violence allegations lightly and will try to gather any possible evidence that may cause even the slightest question in your character. Our Medford domestic violence lawyer can help.

Domestic violence charges can be brought against you in any of the following ways:

  • Child, elder, or spousal abuse
  • Stalking
  • Assault
  • Harassment, sexual or psychological
  • Strangulation
  • Restraining order violation

Domestic Violence Penalties in Oregon

The consequences of domestic violence conviction are extremely serious. Domestic violence convictions will more often than not include jail or prison time. Domestic violence cases almost always result in a no-contact order - or in some extreme cases, a restraining order - between the individuals involved. Restraining orders may even extend to include any children the two parties may have had together.

Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic violence offense is a serious criminal matter and demands the attention of a knowledgeable Medford domestic violence attorney. To prepare an effective defense strategy that can hold up in court, there may be several defenses available to you.

Defenses can include:

  • Acted in self-defense
  • Acted in defense of others
  • Fabrication of domestic violence claim

Should I Hire A Domestic Violence Attorney?

Hiring a domestic violence attorney is crucial if you have been charged with domestic violence. Domestic violence cases are complex and sensitive and require specialized knowledge and experience. A domestic violence lawyer can provide expert guidance and legal representation to ensure your rights are protected.

Additionally, a domestic violence attorney can negotiate on your behalf for alternative sentencing options, such as counseling or community service rather than jail time. It is important to have experienced legal representation in these types of cases to achieve the best possible outcome.

Do not hesitate to contact our qualified domestic violence attorneys in Medford, Oregon, if you have been charged with this serious offense. Although we have worked with many, we understand the importance of giving each case the unique attention that it deserves.

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When you have been charged with a domestic violence crime in Oregon, it may feel as though the world is against you. Domestic violence cases are extremely sensitive in nature and involve the emotions of two parties who are oftentimes in a heated dispute or are bitter toward one another. It will be very easy for matters that are already unstable to spiral out of control. That's why you need Justin Rosas, an experienced criminal defense attorney, on your side!

Whether this is your first criminal offense, or you are frightened and do not know what to expect in the criminal court system, I can be trusted to walk you through the legal process and inform you of what to expect. If this has been a repeat offense, you need hard-hitting legal representation, clients already know that I am the type of Medford domestic violence lawyer that will remain by the client's side the entire time. No case is too complex, too challenging, or too daunting for me to handle.

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