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If you have been arrested in Medford, you deserve legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights. After an arrest, it is not uncommon for individuals to not know what to do or where to go. Their situation may seem extremely difficult, and some people may even feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help.

At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, your case is not just a number to me! I proudly represent individuals who have been arrested, accused of crimes, or fear they may be facing an investigation for criminal activity in Southern Oregon. I can offer invaluable insight into the legal system and can use my experience to protect your rights after an arrest.

My Firm's Practice Areas

Measure 11 - Measure 11 was passed in November of 1994. The ballot applied mandatory minimum prison sentences to certain crimes that any person committed after April 1, 1995. To determine if your criminal charge is subject to Measure 11 sentencing guidelines, speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Murder - Murder is the act of killing another human being. In order to be charged with murder, it must be proven that you had a malicious intent that motivated the killing. Individuals who are convicted of murder often face very severe consequences. If you were arrested for murder, you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Manslaughter - Manslaughter is the legal term for the intentional killing of another human being. Manslaughter is not considered as being somehow less than murder, but the two offenses differ from one another because intent of malice must be present in order to be charged with murder. Though malice can be absent in a manslaughter accusation, the killing of another person may still warrant a very heavy penalty.

Sex Crimes - It is not uncommon for individuals to seek legal representation after being wrongfully accused of alleged sex crimes. Both men and women can be convicted of sex crimes. A guilty sex crime conviction has serious repercussions, including a national registration of your information as a sex offender in a publicly accessible database per Jessica's Law. Sex crimes allegations, whether true or false, can change greatly harm a person's social and professional reputation.

Drug Crimes - Drug crimes refer to illegal actions involving drugs or controlled substances. Drug crimes in Oregon can include possession, distribution, or manufacturing. Drug crimes can range from minor marijuana possession charges to serious felony charges, such as the manufacturing of hard narcotics such as methamphetamines or cocaine.

Domestic Violence - Domestic violence - also known as domestic or spousal abuse - refers to specific behaviors or actions committed by one person that result in control over or oppression of another person. Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, and psychological.

Unfortunately, in heated legal disputes such as divorce or child custody matters, bitter spouses may accuse one another of committing acts of domestic violence in an effort to gain the upper hand. Whether the allegations against you are false or you let your temper slip for one second, you can trust a criminal defense attorney to be by your side.

Theft Crimes (Property Crimes) - Theft crimes are a broad term for a wide range of crimes involve a person purposefully taking someone's personal property without permission with the intent of not returning the property. In order for you to be convicted of a theft crime, it must be proven that the person you took property from did not consent to giving you the property. Common examples of theft crime include petty theft, robbery and burglary.

Internet Crimes - Internet crimes - also known as cybercrimes- refer to crimes that are committed using electronic technology. Internet crimes can include internet fraud, internet scams, or internet phishing. Because internet crimes are so complex, you need legal representation if you have been accused of a cybercrime or any related charge.

DUI Defense - Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) differs from DUI. If a law enforcement agent pulls you over with the assumption of DUII, or if you refused a breath test, you could be facing consequences in the state of Oregon. Call a DUII defense attorney from the firm who knows the ins and outs of DUII laws and can defend your case properly.

Assault While you have the legal right to defend yourself in order to ensure your physical safety, there are limits to what constitutes self-defense. If you willfully attempt to cause physical harm to another person, you can be charged for assault. Assault is among the most common crimes that we see people get charged with, and the consequences of a conviction can follow you around for the rest of your life. Our experienced criminal defense lawyer can review your case and defend your rights in court.

Call The Law Office of Justin Rosas after your arrest.

If you are facing criminal charges in Medford, you need to contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas immediately after your arrest. The faster that you can connect with an experienced Medford criminal defense lawyer, the faster your case can be properly and efficiently investigated.

Immediate representation is oftentimes the key to successful criminal defense in Oregon, so please do not hesitate to call my firm as soon as possible and schedule your free case evaluation.

Long-Term Relationships

I care for my clients and I have a deep respect and concern for their well-being. That shows in my relationships with them that have continued on long after their acquittals, dismissals, pleas, or sentences. If a past client returns after a repeat offense, they request me over other attorneys.
  • “Justin was gracious, empathetic, highly supportive, and a truly great person. He "hand walked" me through the process gently and in a professional manner.”


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