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Drug laws in Oregon are divided into three major categories, including unlawful possession of controlled substances, unlawful manufacture of controlled substances, and unlawful distribution of controlled substances. Each offense ranges in severity, but they can oftentimes be charged together, resulting in a much more serious penalty. If you have been accused for a drug crime, consult a drug defense lawyer immediately following your arrest.

Types of Drug Crimes in Oregon


It is illegal to distribute - deliver or transfer - a controlled substance to another person. This could include simply handing a bag of drugs to someone else. Transporting mass amounts of drugs to be sold carries substantial penalties.


Unless you are a licensed entity manufacturing drugs in a professional capacity, it is illegal to manufacture - or produce, prepare, or process - drugs in the state of Oregon. Unfortunately, since the drug laws that govern drug manufacturing laws, many people do not know that certain actions or behaviors can qualify as drug manufacturing.

In order to be charged with a drug manufacturing accusation, you do not even necessarily have to physically produce a drug; if you packaged or repackaged a drug, you could be liable for violating this law. Call a drug crime lawyer immediately as defense will be necessary.


Generally speaking, possession of controlled substances is the lowest level crime of the three categories. Possession of narcotics, marijuana, or prescription drugs may result in a more significant consequence or misdemeanor penalty. In order to be charged with a drug possession charge, you must be found guilty - without reasonable doubt - that you intentionally possessed the substance.

What could I be facing after a drug crime arrest?

To understand the nature of your charges, you should first consider how serious the state of Oregon determines your offense to be. When you are able to identify the possible mandatory minimum sentence, you can understand what you may be up against. Be warned, however, just because you may be facing a lesser charge does not mean that you do not need a lawyer.

Drug crimes consequences are serious in nature and could have life-altering repercussions. Living with the challenge of being hired, or lack of being trusted to maintain a new job due to your criminal record is one of the hardest consequences to live with. It could cause serious emotional and financial strain on a person.

The seriousness of a crime will be in direct proportion to the following factors:

  • The type of drug charge
  • Whether a substantial amount was found to be in your possession
  • Whether the crime is classified as a commercial drug offense
  • Whether a minor child was involved
  • Whether the offense took place within 1,000 feet of a school
  • The type of controlled substance you were found to be in possession of, distributing, or manufacturing

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If you have been charged with a drug crime in Medford under the Oregon drug laws, you may be facing a sentence that is already established under the Oregon Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentence laws. Whether you have been arrested for possession, manufacture, or distribution, you need to contact a Medford drug crime lawyer from The Law Office of Justin Rosas immediately.

The faster an attorney can begin constructing a defense for your case, the faster favorable evidence can be gathered, and the stronger your case may be. I know that you want to avoid the sentencing, so I can put my knowledge to work on your behalf to achieve the best possible results for your case. Call my firm today!

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