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Defend Your Rights as a Driver When Alcohol or Controlled Substances Are Involved in an Arrest, the Oregon Prosecutors Will Take Your Criminal Matters Seriously

DUII Defense Attorney in Medford

Oregon's laws against driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) are among the toughest in the entire nation. Oregon adheres to a nearly zero-tolerance policy, so if you were found to be driving under the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% but you were still charged with a DUII, you could be facing serious consequences. If a law official even assumes that the presence of an intoxicant - alcohol or controlled substance - is negatively affecting your ability to operate a motor vehicle, the official can charge you with a DUII.

Defend your rights as a driver.

If you have been arrested for a DUII, it is imperative that you retain a Medford DUII defense lawyer that can coordinate a defense strategy that takes into account both your criminal defense matters and the issues that may arise with the DMV.

Because DUII offenses are offenses that involve alcohol and operating a vehicle under the influence, DUII cases will always bring up issues of possible jail time, driver license suspension, and professional consequences that are often associated with DUII offenses. Oregon's Measure 11 law provides very tough penalties for the reckless operation of motor vehicles resulting in injury, serious injury, or manslaughter.

For any DUII arrest, an attorney should be consulted immediately. Retaining the service of a defense attorney early on in a case could prove to be your best asset. When so much is on the line, why would you hesitate?

Especially when alcohol or controlled substances are involved in an arrest, the Oregon prosecutors will take your criminal matters more serious. Do not risk taking your case on your own or putting your freedom in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. Trust an attorney with trial experience and courtroom skills to present a strong criminal defense!

DUII Penalties

If you are found guilty of a first-time DUII, you will face the following penalties:

  • Probation for at least 18 -24 months
  • Mandatory 1-year license suspension
  • Minimum of 48 hours in jail or 80 hours of community service
  • Court fines and fees of about $500
  • Court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment programs
  • Attendance at a Victim Impact Panel
  • A prohibition on possession or consuming alcohol and drugs

If you are facing a second-time conviction, then the minimum base fine for your charge is $1,500 and your license could be suspended for 3 years. In addition, most counties require that you serve a minimum of 20 days in jail. If you are facing your third DUII conviction within 10 years of the preceding convictions, you will be charged for a felony crime. The minimum fine will be increased to $2,000, you will lose your license for life, and you must serve a minimum of 90 days in jail without possibility of reduction.

Quality Representation After a DUII Arrest

I began my legal career practicing DUII defense and I automatically knew that I had found my specific calling. I relish helping others through their tough situations. I pride working in a way that analyzes specifics and small details. I work to challenge the validity of prosecutors. All of this establishes the strong foundation on which my firm has been founded upon.

I represent individuals in DUII cases and serious Measure 11 crimes. I have won more than 50 motions to suppress, have an excellent trial record, and have had more than 500 cases dismissed. Countless trial experiences have prepared me for even the most complex of DUII cases, or the most challenging of prosecutors.

After an arrest for DUII, you need to consult a Medford criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you contact The Law Firm of Justin Rosas, I can assist you through the process and help ensure that your rights as a citizen and a driver in Oregon stay protected. Call now to schedule your free case evaluation!

Long-Term Relationships

I care for my clients and I have a deep respect and concern for their well-being. That shows in my relationships with them that have continued on long after their acquittals, dismissals, pleas, or sentences. If a past client returns after a repeat offense, they request me over other attorneys.
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