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Jessica's Law

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Jessica's Law was created in 2005 and originated in the state of Florida. It was designed to protect potential victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence, or any other sex crime. Additionally, the law was implemented to help ensure that offenders of sexual crimes are publicly acknowledged, which is designed to prevent offenders from re-offending. As of 2006, Oregon adopted Jessica's Law, which has been widely attributed for the protection of many sex crime victims.

The law proposed that any guilty sex crime offenders would have to submit to the following:

  • Wear a GPS ankle device for up to 5 years to better enable law enforcement agents to monitor offenders
  • Required to submit sex offender registration at least twice per year and comply with random contact from law enforcement to verify the offender's whereabouts

The new Jessica's Law requires a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for adults who are convicted of raping, sodomizing or sexually penetrating a child under 12 years old. Under the original Measure 11, which was passed in 1994, a minimum sentence for first-degree sex crimes was a mandatory 100 months, which is equal to just over 8 years. These mandatory minimum sentences for Jessica's Law have since amended the Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentences to be more severe.

Effects of Jessica's Law

One cannot talk about sex crimes and Jessica's Law without also discussing the total effect and impact that a guilty sex crime conviction can take on an individual. In most cases, individuals who must submit to Jessica's Law experience detrimental effects in their social, personal, and professional relationships. It's incredibly difficult to manage relationships or get a new job if you are listed publicly as a sex offender.

Some people may be able to get over a prison sentence, but it is incredibly challenging to move on with one's life when society has labeled you as a criminal. The penalties that extend beyond a criminal record are the types of long-lasting repercussions that are the hardest to cope with. Losing custody of a child, losing a job, or losing an honorable reputation in the community can cause a person to give up hope, especially if he or she must live with such consequences for their entire life due to an exaggerated or false claim.

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Long-Term Relationships

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