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Secure a Reduction of Theft Charges of Case Dismissal Many People Overestimate the Power of a Pair of Handcuffs

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Have you been arrested for shoplifting, retail theft, burglary, auto theft, possession of stolen property, or any other type of similar offense in Oregon? Is your juvenile in trouble due to a theft accusation? Jail time may be a potential penalty, but you can possibly secure a reduction or charges of case dismissal if you choose to enlist the service of a skilled theft defense lawyer.

Under the Repeat Property Offender Statute (ORS 137.17), nearly 902 individuals were arrested in 2001 and 2002 alone. Under the statute, offenders frequently had repeat offenses of property theft and identity theft, and most of the offenders received a state prison sentence. Most repeat offenders would not have received a prison sentence under other Oregon sentencing laws, but due to the statute, many faced prison sentences.

Whether this is your first theft crime offense, or if it is a repeat offense, you need to consult The Law Office of Justin Rosas to ensure you have a solid defense. There is too much on the line to go without proper legal representation.

Helping You Fight Your Allegations

Many people overestimate the power of a pair of handcuffs. Just because you have been arrested or detained for a theft crime does not mean that you are actually deemed guilty of a criminal charge. In fact, the prosecution has the burden of trying to prove that you are actually guilty of a criminal charge - beyond a reasonable doubt.

I am a proven, resourceful, and successful criminal defense lawyer who represents people throughout Medford, Oregon who have been arrested for criminal charges. I have taken many cases to trial and have a successful record of case results. I have built an honorable reputation on my knowledge and work ethic and can be trusted to represent you after an arrest.

I can help you if you have been arrested for any of the following:

Do not assume that the evidence against you is too incriminating. Do not just take a punishment lying down. Your freedom and rights are on the line! If you choose to do nothing or act too late after an arrest, you could live the rest of your life with major consequences. Whether you made a mistake, acted out of desperation, or have been falsely accused of a property theft crime, you need to consult a Medford theft crime lawyer as soon as possible.

Retain The Law Office of Justin Rosas today

I know that there may have a lot at stake in a theft crime charge. Guilty theft crime convictions can cause a person to lose a job, lose a college scholarship, and most importantly, could cause a person to lose his or her freedom. I know that mistakes happen, and that is why your side of the story deserves to be heard in a court of law. I am your strongest voice in Southern Oregon!

Only a dedicated criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court and truly go the distance to ensure that you are represented in a court of law. I am familiar with the defenses available for theft charges, and strive to establish creative and effective defenses. If you are facing a theft charge, you can count on me to exhaust all avenues to create the best possible resolution after an arrest.

I defend each client as if their case was my own. This drives me to come up with a case theory from the beginning, investigate the case fully, and then push the theory until it is accepted in court. Taking time to investigate a criminal matter fully makes the difference, and I have the case results and satisfied customers to prove it.

If you are ready to discuss your theft crime allegations, contact a Medford theft crime lawyer as soon as possible. When you call my firm, you can schedule a free case evaluation, during which I can review potential defenses that may be available to secure the best possible resolution for you.

Long-Term Relationships

I care for my clients and I have a deep respect and concern for their well-being. That shows in my relationships with them that have continued on long after their acquittals, dismissals, pleas, or sentences. If a past client returns after a repeat offense, they request me over other attorneys.
  • “Mr. Rosas is a very kind and compassionate attorney who understands the law and goes over and above for his clients. ”


  • “Justin was gracious, empathetic, highly supportive, and a truly great person. He "hand walked" me through the process gently and in a professional manner.”


  • “You can trust him to assist you in the best way!”

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