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In the United States, you have the right to defend yourself when another person attempts to inflict harm on you. Although you have the crucial right to use physical force to ensure your safety, there are limits to what constitutes self-defense in the state of Oregon. If you exceed the limits of self-defense, you can end up being charged for assault. Assault is one of the most common crimes that people are charged with, and as with other violent crimes, the consequences of a conviction can have a substantial impact on the rest of your life.

What Is Considered Assault?

When a person willfully attempts to cause harm to another person through an act of violence, it can be considered assault. When it comes to violent crimes involving two people, it can be difficult to determine which party was preventing the other from inflicting harm.

While you do have a legal right to self-defense, your violent actions to prevent harm might be misconstrued as assault and you can end up facing time in jail, as well as other punishments. In Oregon, you have the legal obligation to take reasonable steps to avoid a confrontation before you can engage in physical combat or use other forms of violent force.

In order to determine if a person is guilty of assault, courts will look to see if the force used in the confrontation was reasonable under the given circumstances. If the force you used against the other party was unnecessary, you can be charged with assault.

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