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Have you been arrested in Southern Oregon? Are you facing the consequences of allegedly committing a Measure 11 crime? If so, it is important that you retain legal representation from a lawyer immediately.

Though an arrest or accusation does not necessarily mean that you are guilty of committing the crime, it is crucial that you enlist the service of an attorney as soon as possible. You may be innocent, but the prosecutor will not go easy on you if he or she thinks you are guilty. On the other hand, you may think the evidence against you is too strong and a legal battle is futile. You may never know the defenses that are available to you until you speak with a qualified legal professional!

Your Strongest Voice in Southern Oregon

The dedication and advocacy that I give to my clients on a daily basis is the same force that leads me to run endurance races. Endurance races require months - even years - of brutal physical and mental training. The objective of training is to prepare the body for the race- to prepare for pain by becoming better, stronger, and tougher.

When the race feels too challenging, the elements seem too intense, or the finish line seems too far away, endurance runners must train their minds to push through the pain. Months of training have led up to the moment that the athlete takes the mark at the starting line. The endurance runner, in overwhelming anticipation, can finally showcase the hours of hard work and energy invested into training.

This analogy translates to my legal practice. Years of training, education, and examination have continuously challenged me to become a better, stronger, and tougher Medford criminal defense attorney. There is no part of me that is capable of giving up on a person. I pride myself on leaving no stone unturned, on pushing through legal challenges, and cutting through bureaucratic red tape in order to help win cases on behalf of my clients. This is the type of defense that my clients are so thankful for and can expect from my firm.

This passion and focus helps me achieve great results for my clients. When I am able to combine my hours of training and education, my capability of achieving great courtroom results, and with my keen understanding of the law, my clients can greatly benefit from my defense services. You can see why I believe I am your strongest voice for justice in Southern Oregon!

Defending Your Case As if it is My Own

I defend each client as if his or her case is my own, as if it is my family member's allegations, or as if it is my loved one's life and freedom on the line. I can appreciate and understand what my clients are feeling and facing when I take this approach. I know that potential jail time and serious life-changing consequences can evoke fear and complicated emotions. It is hard to trust someone with your case when so much is on the line, and I know that you are trying to make decisions in the best way that you know how.

Knowing that you are vulnerable and in need of professional and effective help allows me to understand the importance of what I do day in and day out. Taking on a case halfway is simply playing with fire. When you come to my firm, you will be defended fully and completely. I have dedicated my practice to helping my clients attain the best possible resolutions after being arrested, and there is no way I could achieve that goal by offering only half-committed legal service.

Why Work With My Firm?

When individuals in Medford are facing possible Measure 11 consequences, it is easy for them to feel helpless. Criminal allegations such as manslaughter or sex crimes are hard enough to face. When the judicial system says that your alleged crime should be punished with many years in prison, it is easy to take on a defeatist attitude. At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I want to reassure you that there is much more to your life than having to live with the consequences of an accusation. Everyone has been accused of doing something out of character at one point in life, and in order to clear oneself of an allegation, a person must be ready and equipped to present an aggressive defense.

Whether you are innocent of an alleged crime or had a momentary lapse in judgment, any person who has been arrested in Medford should seek the help of an experienced lawyer. At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I have been trusted to represent clients in thousands of cases.

My legal skills have been recognized by numerous associations who have given me award such as:

  • Client's Choice & Top Contributor Awards By Avvo
  • 10/10 Rating By Avvo
  • 10 Best DUI Lawyers in 2014 from the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys™

Do you want your side of the story heard? Call me now!

I pride my practice on offering zealous representation and relentless advocacy. So when people have been arrested in Jackson County, they know to come to my office for strong representation. If you have been arrested and do not know where to turn, read more about how I can help you after an arrest! I know that it feels as though your life has changed for the worse. But I also know that you have a right to live your life and enjoy your freedom.

You are not defined by your criminal allegations or your potential consequences! If you are ready to discuss your legal matters and want a strong voice to tell your side of the story in a court of law, contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas as soon as possible. I offer free case evaluations, so you have nothing to lose but time. Call my firm today!

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  • More Than 15 Years of Experience
  • Over 3,000 Cases Successfully Handled
  • Numerous Jury Trials Won
  • Passionate About Helping People
  • Well Respected & Recognized in the Legal Community
  • AVVO 10.0 Rating
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