What Are My Rights If I Am Arrested?

A man being arrested

Know Your Rights

Being arrested can be an alarming and confusing experience. However, it's essential to remember that you have certain rights, even in this situation. Continue reading to learn what rights you have if you are ever arrested by the police.

The Right to Remain Silent

First, you have the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination. While you should give your name and identification, beyond that, you can choose not to answer any other questions until your lawyer is present.

The Right to Legal Representation

The Sixth Amendment gives you the right to have legal representation. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint one for you. No questioning should proceed without your lawyer present.

The Right to Be Notified of Charges and Evidence

The police must inform you of the charges against you and provide an explanation of the evidence they have against you. This is necessary to prepare a defense or to reach a plea agreement.

The Right to a Phone Call

You are entitled to make a phone call after your arrest. This could be to a family member, friend, or directly to a lawyer. It's crucial to communicate your situation to someone outside the police station.

The Right Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

The Fourth Amendment protects you against unreasonable searches and seizures. Without a warrant, evidence obtained may be considered illegally acquired.

Get Help From Criminal Defense Attorneys

Remember, being aware of your rights if arrested can significantly affect the outcome of your case. It's essential to remain calm, comply with police orders for safety's sake, and protect your rights by exercising them appropriately. If you're unsure, always ask for legal advice before making any decisions.

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