Does the FBI Need a Warrant to Search My Computer?

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Many people store every detail of their lives on their computers. In some cases, individuals want this information kept private. The FBI, on the other hand, has the initiative to identify any potential crimes or threats online. You may be wondering, can the FBI access someone’s private computer without a search warrant? Our team at The Law Office of Justin Rosas explains this complicated legal situation.

Why Would the Police Search a Computer?

With the advent of the Internet, many new opportunities for crime were created. While there are many ways that individuals attempt to keep their online activities under the radar, there are also numerous ways that law enforcement monitors suspicious activity.

A computer may be searched if it is suspected that the owner was involved in:

Is a Warrant Necessary?

In most cases, yes, the police and/or FBI agents must obtain a warrant before going through a citizen’s private computer. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The FBI does have the right to remotely access a citizen’s computer and delete harmful software when there is an urgent threat. Additionally, they can often view a citizen’s browsing history without a warrant.

What Happens If You Are Illegally Searched?

Unfortunately, some individuals have been and will be subject to an illegal search. When law enforcement conducts searches without taking the necessary steps to obtain a warrant and without probable cause, then the search may be deemed illegal. This is crucial to bring up in your defense.

An experienced defense attorney knows how to argue and prove that a police search was illegal and that ultimately, all evidence collected during the search should not be introduced or considered in court.

Internet Crimes Defense in Medford

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