Attorney Justin Rosas Elected to NACDL Board of Directors

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The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) aims to identify and reform flaws and inequities in the criminal justice system and ensure that all members of the criminal defense bar can serve accused persons at the highest level.

The Board of Directors at NACDL oversees the business and affairs of the organization and sets organization policy. Attorney Justin Rosas has been elected as one of NACDL’s 35 directors. This position aligns with Attorney Rosas’ goals to make the criminal justice system work for everyone, including people with mental illnesses. It also reflects Attorney Rosas’ commitment to the legal community in the Rogue Valley, throughout Oregon, and nationwide.

What Attorney Rosas’ New Position Entails

Members and directors of NACDL are part of a network of criminal justice lawyers who value “fairness, reforming flaws and inequities in the criminal justice system, and redressing systemic racism.” By serving as a director, Attorney Rosas is helping to create a society where all individuals receive fair, rational, and human treatment within the criminal justice system. NACDL advocates for reform within the legal system and runs several focused initiatives, including the First Amendment Defense Strike Force, the Fourth Amendment Center, the Full Disclosure Project, the Lawyers’ Assistance Strike Force, and the Return to Freedom Project.

Attorney Rosas is proud to serve on the board of NACDL and help with the organization’s meaningful projects. He also remains available for clients facing criminal charges.

Committed Legal Advocacy

If you are looking for an advocate who is dedicated to fairness and active within the legal community, look no further than The Law Office of Justin Rosas. Attorney Rosas has successfully handled over 3,000 cases, won multiple jury trials, and is passionate about helping people. He is ready to put more than a decade of legal experience on your side.

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