What Are The Statute of Limitations In Oregon?


Statute of limitations is a prescribed period of time limitation for the bringing of certain kinds of legal action.

Oregon law states: For the purposes of ORS 131.125 (Time limitations), time starts to run on the day after the offense is committed.

(2)Except as provided in Tolling of statute, the period of limitation does not run during:

(a)Any time when the accused is not an inhabitant of or usually resident within this state; or

(b)Any time when the accused hides within the state so as to prevent process being served upon the accused.

(3)If, when the offense is committed, the accused is out of the state, the action may be commenced within the time provided in ORS 131.125 (Time limitations) after the coming of the accused into the state.

The above is a basic guide to the rules behind the statute of limitation and can be helpful in understanding how it works. The specific limitations for various acts on the other hand are a bit more complicated.

While the actual time limitations for each offense has a long list of details which you can find linked here, it is often easier to provide the abridged version.

Oregon does not impose time limits for the prosecution of murder or manslaughter charges, similarly to other states. The statute of limitations for sexual felonies or crimes in which the victim is under 18 at the time of the offense is a six-years. There is a three-year limit for any other felonies and a two-year limit for most misdemeanors in the state.

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