Attorney Justin Rosas Secures Dismissal in Klamath County Jessica's Law Case

Recently, our attorney Justin Rosas successfully closed up a major Jessica's Law and Measure 11 case in Klamath County by getting his client’s charges dismissed. Jessica's Law deals with proximity and tracking of sex offenders and increases the penalties for sex crimes to a mandatory minimum 25 year sentence. Jessica’s Law eliminates probation for certain crimes and also prohibits sex offender parolees released from prison from living within 2,000 feet of any school and park where children congregate.

To secure a dismissal in this case, Attorney Justin Rosas had to retain the services of two expert witnesses. One of these witnesses was Dr. Wendy Bourg, a renowned child forensic interviewer who has a stellar reputation in the legal community.

To prepare and build up the defense strategy for this case, Mr. Rosas held a mock trial and worked out the themes of the case in front of 14 consultants. The process amounted to nearly one hundred hours of investigation.

The week before the trial was scheduled to be begin, Mr. Rosas’ client's indictment was dismissed and he was allowed to return as a commander to the local Air National Guard field. The client was facing a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 30 plus years in prison. Ultimately, the client will have no criminal history and will be able to have this arrest expunged from his criminal record.

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