Should I Admit To Drinking At a DUI Stop?

woman stopped by police, police officer taking notes at her window

“How much have you had to drink tonight?”

How To Handle Your Initial DUI Stop

When you’re pulled over for suspected DUI, the officer will likely ask you some questions regarding your activity prior to the stop and whether or not you’ve had anything to drink. You may be wondering, should you be honest and admit to drinking if you have been? Should you lie? Should you remain silent?

How you answer the officer’s questions can affect your case in the future. In general, you should not admit to drinking. If you admit to drinking, it can be used against you as a confession of guilt. However, you should not lie either. If it is discovered that you lied, this can also hurt your credibility.

Instead, your best option is to use your right to remain silent and avoid making any definitive statements.

How To Use Your Right to Remain Silent

Using your right to remain silent isn’t as easy as sitting and not responding to the officer. In fact, if you do this, it could actually be seen as a sign of guilt and can be brought up in court.

Instead, be proactive in protecting yourself by stating that you’d like to use your right to remain silent until you’ve been able to consult with an attorney.

What Else Could Happen at the DUI Stop?

After invoking your right to remain silent, you may still be asked to participate in sobriety tests so the officer can obtain other evidence of your impairment. This most commonly includes a breath test or series of field sobriety tests.

Here’s what you should know about these tests:

  • Refusal to take a breath test will result in license suspension. However, you can contest this suspension. The Law Office of Justin Rosas can help.
  • Refusal to take field sobriety tests will result in zero penalties. Many people believe that you are required to take these tests, but you are not. Never take them!

Medford, Oregon DUI Defense

We hope that after reading this information, you feel more comfortable and prepared in case of an unexpected DUI stop. If your stop ends with an arrest, know that The Law Office of Justin Rosas can help you defend yourself against your charges. We’ve handled a variety of case types, ranging from relatively straightforward to highly complex DUI cases. Speak with our team today; call (541) 933-5972. We’ll be your strongest advocate.