Social Media & Your Oregon Domestic Violence Case

man worried looking at phone
It should come as no surprise that social media has become an integral part of our lives. We are currently living in a digital world, and we are more connected with friends, family, and peers than ever before. Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have completely reshaped the way we communicate and share our lives with others.

While these platforms have enhanced our lives in countless ways, the information individuals post on their social media accounts can often be used as evidence against them in criminal investigations. There are numerous ways that law enforcement can use what you post on social media against you.

Private Isn’t Really Private

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Oregon, we urge you to stay away from social media, if possible. Now, you might be thinking, “My social media profiles are all set to private. Only the people who I want to see my posts can see them.”

While setting your profile to private does an excellent job of keeping the average person from viewing your content, it won’t do much to stop law enforcement officers from accessing it.

It’s extremely common for social media platforms to work with local law enforcement to provide them with protected information. For example, if the police have reasons to believe that you posted something that could lead to a conviction, they could very easily reach out to the social media platform and gain access to your profile. Additionally, this can often be done without a search warrant.

Protecting Your Future

Social media can be used against your case in court to:

  • Find incriminating statements
  • Find connections to the crime
  • Find new evidence
  • Confirm alibis
  • Confirm your location at the time of the crime

Whether you’re someone who likes to post pictures of everything you do or you’re someone who likes to type our feelings, what you post can be used against your pending domestic violence case. While you can’t take back what happened, you can move forward in the best way possible.

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Oregon, time is of the essence when talking about your ability to protect your future.

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