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Thank you for visiting my new criminal defense blog! At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I proudly represent individuals who have been arrested for criminal accusations throughout Medford, Oregon. For whatever reason you were arrested, you can trust that I can help you better understand your current situations regarding theft crimes, sex crimes, internet crimes, drug crimes, DUIIDs, or violent crimes.

There is nothing worse than going into a criminal defense case blind. Not knowing the laws, statutes, or regulations that concern your case could be detrimental to your future. When your freedom is on the line, being informed and current can only benefit you greatly. If you are searching for legal information and unique insight on the Oregon laws and federal laws that may govern your criminal defense case, then you have come to the right place!

At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I place the priority on the client. Since I am working with you to help defend your freedom and am working to help you avoid the maximum penalties, I will gladly cater to your criminal defense needs by also keeping you informed of your process. I believe that things should not come as a surprise or shock to you during a criminal defense proceeding, so I am proud to offer my legal insight on criminal defense laws to my clients. Whether you need to start your criminal defense process or are simply looking to learn more information about the criminal courts in Oregon and across the nation, my blog can be used as an enriching resource. Blog updates will be following soon, but in the meantime, feel free to browse through my website to learn more how I can help you as a Medford criminal defense attorney!