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Few experiences can make a person feel more alone than being arrested. After being handcuffed or placed into a room for questioning, it is easy to feel as though the law, police, and society are against you. Criminal allegations are incredibly taxing for anyone. Not only are you thrust into feelings of hopelessness, but you must find a way to sort through the confusing emotions of disbelief, anger, bitterness, and unfortunately, sometimes regret.

At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I know that it feels as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You may be worried about your job, your family, or your reputation. I am here to reassure you that by retaining legal service from my firm, you will have made a proactive and thoughtful decision, and most importantly, a decision that can greatly benefit you.

Measure 11 Crime Representation

Measure 11 outlines mandatory minimum sentences for a range of criminal offenses. Crimes governed by Measure 11 sentencing guidelines carry some of the most severe penalties that the nation has to offer. Oftentimes, prosecutors will not stop until the accused receives the maximum punishment. Many people feel as though a legal fight isn't worth the effort when the judicial system seems stacked against them.

At The Law Office of Justin Rosas, I know that you may think the evidence against you is too incriminating or that the judicial system is too unforgiving. When facing a Measure 11 charge, people are forced to deal with the very real possibility of having their freedom taken away. Their entire life or family dynamic could be completely turned upside down due to the possibility of serving a long prison term.

It is these kinds of criminal cases that The Law Office of Justin Rosas takes especially seriously. As lead attorney, I take a personal interest in every case. I handle a variety of Measure 11 cases, including violent crimes such as murder or manslaughter, and sex crimes. Whether you are an innocent person who has been wrongfully accused of committing a crime or you made a mistake, I know that there is no room for error when you choose my firm for criminal defense against Measure 11 allegations. I can be trusted to utilize all of my resources and legal acumen to benefit your case, which allows me to secure the best possible resolution after an arrest.

DUI Defense

At my firm, I have successfully defended numerous DUIIs, both by dismissal and trial. I don't hesitate to pursue any possible evidence that could prove your innocence, including:

  • Video recordings
  • Improper police procedure
  • Witness testimony

Offering Genuine Care & Zealous Defense

I know that my clients come to my firm at a time when things feel uncertain and frightening and I care deeply for them. That is why I believe that providing an environment where they can feel comfortable to share their goals - and their fears - allows me to represent them to the greatest possible degree. From the moment my clients establish initial contact to the final outcome of their cases, they know that not only am I truly dedicated to their defense, but I fully respect and advocate for their freedom.

As a criminal defense attorney who has dedicated years of experience to upholding the rights of clients, I have earned an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb and I have been acknowledged with Clients' Choice and Top Contributor recognitions on Avvo. These honors are not only a testament to my work ethic, experience, and knowledge in my field but also show that I truly am dedicated to my clients.

Contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas!

If you still are not convinced that The Law Office of Justin Rosas is the Medford criminal defense firm to represent your case, I highly encourage you to think of what your future may look like without skilled legal representation. At my firm, your case is not just a number. You are a unique individual who must be cared for, and I take pride in pouring my heart into my clients' cases. At the end of almost every case, my client leaves knowing that someone fought for them every step of the way.

My clients have an attorney who is willing to give everything to their defense. I take pride in my work and dedicate 100% of my efforts into my clients' goals day in and day out. Remember, you need to act quickly after an arrest. Contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas today! Depending on the circumstances that surround your case, I can help you avoid a mandatory sentence, reduce a charge or sentence, or get your case dismissed.

Call today to schedule your free case evaluation so that we can get started on drafting a strong defense that can yield a positive resolution for your situation.

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