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I care for my clients and I have a deep respect and concern for their well-being. That shows in my relationships with them that have continued on long after their acquittals, dismissals, pleas, or sentences. If a past client returns after a repeat offense, they request me over other attorneys.

The reputation that I have gained in the community of Medford, throughout the jail system, amongst my colleagues, and from the bench of Jackson County is second to none. If you still aren't convinced, read through the satisfied customer testimonials or case results to learn more about how my firm could be the perfect fit for your defense needs.

"He is a True Advocate, He is a Sharp Thinker, and He Knows the Law"

"Justin is a superb lawyer. I was arrested for a federal DUII at Crater Lake National Park and he got the charge dismissed. I have to admit, however, aside from the dismissal of the DUII, the best part of his representation was the hearing before the Oregon DMV. Justin knew exactly which laws applied to my case and his defense was impossible to refute. The officers left the hearing with their heads spinning! Justin takes what he does seriously and he becomes personally involved--he is a true advocate, he is a sharp thinker, and he knows the law."

- An Incredibly Grateful Client

"Knowledgeable Defense Attorney"

"I was very fortunate to have been assigned Justin as my lawyer. From our first meeting to our last, Justin displayed genuine concern for me and my situation. In addition to his expert knowledge and vast experience in the practice of law (in just five years), Justin was gracious, empathetic, highly supportive, and a truly great person. He "hand walked" me through the process gently and in a professional manner.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Justin as we went through the process of resolving my situation. He was the first attorney with whom I've ever worked and, as such, I didn't know what to expect or the journey I would take. Justin was very helpful with his explanations and discussions about what I was about to experience. He made sure that I was informed at each step in the process.

I am highly recommending Justin Rosas as a very knowledgeable defense attorney and a truly concerned and trustworthy human being. Anyone who works with Justin will have a very pleasurable and favorable experience"

- Michael, felony domestic violence client, case dismissed

"The Only Attorney Who Actually Believed in Me"

"Justin is the only attorney I have had who actually believed in me and was not afraid to take my case to trial. From the start he was courteous, knowledgeable and determined and had nothing but my best interest in mind. I have tossed his name out left and right upon meeting him. Thank you Justin. Couldn't have done it without you."

- Heather, Hindering Prosecution and Initiating a False Report Case Dismissed

"Goes Over and Above for His Clients"

"Mr. Rosas did an incredible job of dealing with the DA's office and the Judge to get me the lightest sentence possible. The Judge even said I could continue to use medical marijuana for my glaucoma even though I was guilty of a felony concerning marijuana. Mr. Rosas was very patient in explaining all of my options to me. Mr. Rosas is a very kind and compassionate attorney who understands the law and goes over and above for his clients. He works long and hard hours and is very conscientious."

- Geri, felony marijuana client

"Professional, Understanding, Well-Spoken, Intelligent, and Educated"

"I found myself in some fairly serious legal trouble as a young adult and very fortunately had Mr. Rosas represent me in a few cases. He was my court appointed attorney but I feel as though I could have paid a lot more money for his time and attention. I was facing being a felon and a respectable amount of time in state prison. It was a very scary time for me. Fortunately with the help of Rosas I left the situation with a dinky misdemeanor and a big relief. He is very professional, understanding, well-spoken, intelligent and educated"

- Alex, Measure 11 sex case client

"He Is a Great Attorney!"

"From my own personal experience I couldn't ask for a better attorney. I had never needed an attorney prior to meeting Justin and if I find myself ever needing an attorney again (which I hope I don't need one), he will be the only one I call.

When I first walked into Justin's office I was absolutely clueless as to my charge and what to expect. He immediately made me feel at ease with his knowledge and his confidence. He won our case and I will forever be thankful.

Whenever I have a question I know that he will have the answer and give me the best advice. Justin is someone I look up to and am glad that our meeting has turned into a friendship. Justin has a big heart and will go out on a limb for you in his personal and professional life. If you don't need him as an attorney, go introduce yourself to him. You won't be sorry.

He is a great attorney!"

- Matt, felony drugs client, case dismissed

"A Job Very Well Done"

"When the process finally got started I could not have asked for nor could I have found a more confident attorney as the one assigned to my case. Justin N Rosas was so reassuring to me and handled my case with the utmost professionalism and thoughtfulness. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Justin Rosas . Thanks for a job very well done. "

- Tim, felony drugs and theft client

"Fights Mightily Against Any Trace of Abuse"

"Justin Rosas is an extraordinary extension of true justice. I found his counsel to be compassionate, extremely intelligent and without weakness. He listened closely to me and spent much of his personal time addressing my complicated case. His representation secured for me the best possible outcome in court. We all make mistakes and the honest man does not expect to skate, however, Justin fights mightily against any trace of abuse by the system. I am eternally grateful to him."

-Michael, felony assault client

Do you need a criminal defense attorney? Call Attorney Rosas.

When I take on a criminal defense case, I try to take on a personal approach. By defending my client as if I were defending myself or my own family member, I can truly put my all into a defense. When something so close to my heart is on the line, how else can I represent a client other than with my full heart and capability? It is important to me to take every case with this approach because it shows my clients that I am not only completely dedicated to their case, but it shows that I am willing to go to the full extent to represent someone. When an individual is cast aside by the legal system and seems to be fighting the world, they need someone on their side. They need to know that someone believes in their cause.

If you need legal representation in a criminal defense matter, you can trust that I can be your advocate. Unlike the prosecution or the jury, I am not here to judge your matters or what you did to get into my office. It is my job to provide a strategy that can secure the best possible resolution to your current circumstances. To enlist my defense, contact my firm and schedule your case evaluation.

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