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Results Tell the Story of a Medford Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have a winning record in dozens of trials, have suppressed evidence in more than 50 cases and have gained dismissals in more than 500 cases.

Having helped clients be found not guilty in cases ranging from misdemeanors and Measure 11 violations, the proof that I can be the legal representative for you is in the case results that I have worked hard to accomplish.

Representative Cases

Racketeering, Tax Evasion, Conspiracy and Witness Tampering

Our client was accused of Racketeering, Tax Evasion, Conspiracy and Witness Tampering after a well-publicized marijuana dispensary raid in May of 2013. More than a year later, the Jackson County Circuit Court Judge charged her with only one felony county of marijuana delivery. The other 29 charges were dismissed as a result of our plea bargain. Our client will serve no jail time and only 11 months probation, after which the charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor! Learn more about this case by watching the video below, reading this news article, or reading our blog!


Our client was a juvenile who was arrested after being in a one car accident with a fence. After supposedly failing field sobriety tests, having vomit on his shirt and blowing over the legal limit, our client was arrested and charged with DUII. After a hearing on whether there was probable cause to hold my client and request field sobriety tests, we prevailed and suppressed the remainder of the stop and breathalyzer. (June 2014)

Manufacturing and Possession of Marijuana

Our client was charged with manufacturing following a traffic stop and seizure of a large amount of money. Following a search warrant process, the client's home was searched and he was ultimately charged with Manufacture and Possession of Marijuana. After requesting more complete discovery regarding the suppression issues and seeking a court order commanding the delivery of that discovery, the case was dismissed. (May 2014)


Our client was charged with DUII in Ashland after committing traffic violations on Siskiyou Blvd. After blowing a .06% and taking field sobriety tests, he was also subjected to a battery of extra tests assuming that he might have consumed marijuana. After we set the case for trial and garnered video evidence as well as medical mitigation evidence, the State dismissed the case pre trial. (April 2014)

Possession of Hydrocodone

My client was stopped on I-5 and, after allegedly smelling the odor of marijuana, consented to a search of his vehicle. His passenger was charged with possession of marijuana and my client was charged with felony possession of hydrocodone. Requesting that the pills be tested, figuring out that they were classified in the wrong schedule and combining that with an issue with the statute of limitations led to the State having to dismiss. (April 2014)

Stalking Order

My client was terrorized by a family who was looking for revenge over a rental situation. We petitioned for not one but two separate stalking orders, went to trial on the first and prevailed so handily that the other party retained an attorney. Prior to trial, they agreed to the stalking order. (March 2014)

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While no result can be guaranteed in any individual case, a continued and consistent record of successes shows what is likely to happen moving forward. Not every case can avoid an adverse consequence, but my impressive successes in court does mean that I will not leave a stone unturned to get the best possible result for you, your family, and your case. It is my hope to motivate you to make decisions that can help you move on with your life after an arrest.

I am known for providing powerful mitigation to negotiate lesser or lower charges in cases where my clients have found themselves without any substantial defenses. When it comes down to it, you want me by your side if you sense that there is trouble ahead in your criminal defense case. Save yourself from potential ruin and enlist the service of a solid Medford criminal defense attorney from the outset. Contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas today!

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